Anonymous asked: hi i really liked your post about when rei and nagisa fell in love with eachother. but uhm somethings kinda felt off to me. maybe its because i dont think love can be put into technical terms like that, idk. i dont think its mostly sexual for nagisa, and i feel like you kinda made it out to seem like nagisa was only really after rei cause of physical attraction and not because he truly likes him idk


Oh noes I’m sorry for any misunderstanding! I actually think Nagisa was first attracted to him just physically but what is critical is that it transitioned out of this. I made another post about this here

Canonically, Nagisa falls for looks but doesn’t stick around for long. But with Rei, it turned out to be so much more than that. He ended up falling for the person he was behind the looks. This is why he didn’t grow disinterested and is still in love with him. It’s more than an attraction or infatuation.

Sorry if the original post was unclear!


Anatomy off a Fall Out Boy song

- whoaa ohhhhhh ohhh whoaa
- metaphors
- Patrick making no sense
- Pete reciting poetry or something
- more metaphors
- the name of an American city
- really nice high note
- the lyric of another song they wrote
- Brendon Urie cameo

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no girls allowed get out

what about chihiro 


of course chihiro can join


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has anyone made this fucking joke yet

shoot me in the fucking leg

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his face tho

ah yes one of the reasons why i love him is because of his sass face

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Vacation smells are the best kind of smells

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It’s been a while since I drew cute girls, I wonder if I can still do it.


Looks cute enough for now, I guess I’ll continue on and practice with different anatomies!


There is no cure of what I am afflicted with.

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Imagine Ryuuko trying to get Mako to eat healthier. A week of failed vegetable dishes later, Ryuuko gives up.

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